Quick Clips: 4 Quick Fixes for Common Climber Problems (July 2019 Edition)

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If you have tubular webbing that’s been damaged, don’t throw it away! Instead, slide it over your anchor-building cordelette as protection when wrapping trees or rough rocks. The webbing will take the beating (or tree sap), and your cordelette will stay fresh and clean.
—Matt Dobson

When lead climbing in the gym but wanting to keep toprope lines out of the way, clip the ropes to a full Hydro Flask or other metal water bottle off to the side. It’s much more reliable than resting the ropes on a hold.
—Max Cross

To rig a temporary personal anchor with Dyneema slings and a knot that’s easy to untie, I’ll use clove hitches instead of overhand knots—once I’m done rapping, I take the biners out and the slings come undone, plus I can adjust sling length on the fly. The clove at the tip is on one strand of sling, while the middle one is on two strands; on the harness side, I use a girth hitch.
—Timothée Billiet

For multi-pitch climbs, I carry an SPF-rated chapstick with a length of athletic tape wrapped around it. The tape fits perfectly without covering the lid, and now I have an item that serves two purposes: lip protection and emergency tape!
—Libby McComb

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