Quick Clips: 5 Quick Fixes for Common Climber Problems (January 2019 Edition)

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When knotting Dyneema slings (i.e., for an anchor), clip a carabiner through the knot to make it easy to untie after it’s been loaded.
—Tyler Hagen 

Have you ever watched a friend work through a gym route and wanted to make a beta suggestion (with permission, of course) from the ground? To solve this problem, I climb with a laser pointer clipped to my harness. It’s an easy, effective way to communicate with a fellow climber, and depending on the quality of the pointer, can also be employed outdoors.
—Jason C. Thompson

Use Perlon/accessory cord as your chalk-bag belt on any multi-pitch route. This way, you have cord to replace tat or bail off a tree, and/or an extra prussik that isn’t just more junk hanging off your harness.
—Jared Cohn


I believe I have the best climbing hack known to humankind. One caveat: Chimneys and dynos can get a bit messy.
—Dalan Merriner 

On windy days, throwing ropes for a rappel can be a mess. If you are on a secluded route with no one below, rig your rappel like normal and stack the ropes neatly into your follower pack, starting with the ends. Cinch the top of the pack and huck it toward your next station. The bag’s weight will keep it from being blown around, and the ropes will lie neatly. Be sure to either tie knots that are too big to pull through the top of your pack or tie the rope ends to an internal pack loop so you dont lose your pack.
—Matt Hearley 

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