Offwidth Training by Pamela Pack: Stabilization Exercises

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In Climbing’s May issue, we ran Part 1 of an offwidth training program devised by Pamela Pack. Here are stabilization exercises to practice throughout the program.

There are multiple options for stabilization/core training. Choose at least two to three core workouts per week throughout each cycle. Ideas for core sessions include:

  • Pilates

  • CoreAlign

  • Core group fitness classes

If you can’t get to a class or are short on time, choose one of these series:

Series 1

Abdominal roll-ups x 15

Planks, 3 x 1 min

Side plank with leg lift, 2 x 30 sec (each side)

Upper abdominal crunches x 100

Series 2

Ball plank, 3 x 1 min

Ball side crunch, 2 x 30 sec (each side)

Ball forward crunch x 100

Ball walk-out x 15

When you build a base core strength, up the ante by making your stabilization/core sessions longer. Here’s a 60-minute sample session (2 sets of 15 reps for each):

  1. Planks with alternating arm circles

  2. Rings: mid-back extensions (straight arms pulled back)

  3. Ring push-ups

  4. Ring Y’s

  5. Ring T’s

  6. Hamstring bridges with alternating single foot on medicine ball

  7. Medicine ball forward toss (from knees)

  8. Medicine ball side throws (both sides and from knees)

  9. Towel alternating track runs in place (30-60 seconds)

  10. Ring abdominal crunches (start in push-up position with feet in rings)

  11. Single-leg step-ups onto box

  12. Planks on elbows with rotation left and right

Other options: Ring flies, ring back extensions, ring rows, single-leg balances on Bosu Ball, side planks, etc.

*Many descriptions/examples of these exercises can be found online or at