Offwidth Training by Pamela Pack: Stretching

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In Climbing’s May issue, we ran Part 1 of an offwidth training program devised by Pamela Pack. Here are stretches to complement the program.

Statically stretch major muscle groups (legs, arms, back, chest, etc.). Also, try dynamic stretching while hiking, so go down deep into lunges as you move up. Stretch out calves on rocks and other terrain. Do shoulder circles forward and backward. Twist right and left with your torso. Keep all your body parts moving in various directions.

Focus on your shoulders, which need a great amount of flexibility and strength to be effective.

Foam roll supine shoulder series:

Snow Angels x 15

Goal Posts x 15

Overhead reach x 15

Other stretches:

T-spine roll-out x 1 minute

IT band roll-outs on foam roller x 2 minutes

Standing side-bends, 2 x 30 seconds

Child’s pose, 3 x 20 seconds