What the Wear and Tear on Your Climbing Shoes Says About Your Footwork

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Do all of your climbing shoes have holes in the same spot? There's a reason for that, and it can tell you something about your footwork. You might be dragging your feet, or you might not be using the best part of your foot. But, not all shoe wear is the result of bad footwork. Some wear patterns can be the sign of good footwork. Paige Claassen explains what to look for in this excerpt from her Precision Footwork online course. (Hint: Not seeing any wear on the top of your shoes, try this toe hook drill.)

If you’re serious about climbing harder grades with reduced fatigue, then improving your footwork will help you accomplish your goals—and send your projects. Climbing Magazine and pro climber Paige Claassen have teamed up to create Precision Footwork, a 7-week online course which focuses solely on footwork, one of the most crucial—but all too often overlooked—aspects of rock climbing. Learn more and sign up here.