Yoga for Climbers Online Course

Improve your flexibility, strengthen your entire body, boost your confidence, and learn to stay calm on the wall
Heidi Wirtz Rock Climbing Yoga

Heidi Wirtz demonstrates a yoga pose as part of Climbing’s Yoga for Climbers online course. Photo: Ryan Dionne

Yoga for Climbers is the first comprehensive online yoga course made specifically for climbers. This self-paced program will improve your flexibility, strengthen your entire body, boost your confidence, and help keep you calm after a fall, in the middle of a crux, and even sitting in traffic. Developed by Climbing magazine and pro climber and yogi Heidi Wirtz, this course focuses on aspects of mental and physical training that can benefit every climber, whether you're a veteran big waller, gym climber, experienced boulderer, or putting on climbing shoes for the first time. Heidi has combined her 20+ years of yoga and climbing experience to help you prevent injury, fight through training plateaus, conquer fear, and stay grounded in your daily life.

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Want to improve your climbing? Yoga’s one of the best ways to accomplish that goal. Yoga for Climbers has 22 yoga classes that each focus on a different theme that directly relates to climbing. You can mix and match classes, do a few in a row for a longer workout, or focus on a single class to target a certain area. There is no studio or experience required, and you can do the classes wherever you have an internet connection and space for a yoga mat. Heidi will walk you through each pose and flow, pointing out specific benefits for climbers as well as pro tips on how to get more out of each class.

Heidi Wirtz Rock Climbing Yoga

Course instructor Heidi Wirtz climbs at Boulder, Colorado's Flatirons. Photo: Julie Ellison

What You’ll Learn

Heidi “Heidi Almighty” Wirtz, along with climber and yoga instructor, Sheyna Button will teach you flexibility, strength, injury prevention, and more via this self-guided, self-paced online course with more than 20 different yoga classes.

Class List

  • 4 Recovery classes
  • 2 Alignment classes
  • 2 Breathing classes
  • 2 Core classes
  • 2 Pre-climbing classes
  • 2 Strength classes
  • 2 Warm-up classes
  • 1 At the Crag class
  • 1 Flexibility class
  • 1 Injury Prevention class
  • 1 Just for Fun class
  • 1 Meditation class
  • 1 Travel class

How the Course Works

We know you have a busy schedule, so we’ve designed this course to be taken at your own pace. You’ll be able to take (and retake) each class in any order for as long as you want. Once you purchase the course, the classes are yours forever.

Heidi Wirtz Rock Climbing Yoga

Climber and Yogi Heidi Wirtz tailored each video to the specific needs of rock climbers. Photo: Ryan Dionne


Do I need to be a yoga expert?

No. Anyone can learn and benefit from this course. Yoga for Climbers is designed to be welcoming whether you have never taken a course, or have years of experience.

How is this course tailored to climbers?

Yoga for Climbers is taught by pro rock climber and experienced yoga teacher, Heidi Wirtz. Heidi knows what issues climbers face, how to address them through yoga, and poses you can do to improve your flexibility, strength, and overall climbing ability.

Can I repeat a particular yoga session?

Yes. You can take each session as many times as you want, and you can take them in any order. We've designed the course, so you can work on whatever aspect of your climbing that you need most at that particular time. And, once you purchase Yoga for Climbers, it'll always be available to you.

How do I sign up?

It is available for purchase at AIM Adventure U: Yoga for Climbers.