Interview: John Burgman Discusses the Olympic Postponement

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John Burgman is a competition climbing expert. He writes the bulk of the comp coverage and commentary for, and his new book High Drama chronicles the history climbing competitions in the US from Snowbird to today. Climbing digital editor Kevin Corrigan sat down with Burgman following the news that the 2020 Olympics would be pushed back to 2021 to discuss what the decision means for athletes and fans. Burgman also touches on the current World Cup season and delayed US Nationals events, and answers questions about his book.

High Drama explores rock climbing’s transformation from a pursuit of select anti-establishment vagabonds to a sport embraced by competitors of all ages, social classes, and backgrounds. It’s a multi-layered story of traditionalists and opportunists, grassroots organizers and business-minded developers, free-spirited rebels and rigorously coached athletes.

Read an excerpt from the book here. Purchase High Drama in paperback, ebook, or audiobook at Amazon.