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Video: Irene Yee Demonstrates Her Photo Selection and Editing Process

Irene Yee is a climbing photographer who has worked with a number of notable outlets including Outdoor Research, Butora, Access Fund, and, ahem, Climbing Magazine. You may know her on Instagram as @LadyLockoff. In this video, she shares her processes for both photo selection and editing in Lightroom, using shots from The Firewall in Liming, China. Irene explains what she looks for when selecting photos, as well as how she edits them.

Irene is the first recipient of our Climbing Contributors’ Fund (CCF). Throughout the months of April and May, we are giving 25-percent of proceeds from new Summit memberships to climbing freelancers via the CCF. Watch our interview with Irene to hear about her experience as a freelancer during the pandemic.

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