2008 Petzl RocTrip - Zillertal, Austria


On July 23-27, 2008, the Petzl RocTrip visited the granite boulders and cliffs near Mayrhofen, Austria, in the spectacular Tyrolean Alps. This unique gathering of climbers featured multimedia presentations, climbing competitions and parties — all celebrating the spirit of climbing. In attendance this year were: Gerhard Hörhager, Daniel Dulac, Gholamail Baratzadeh, Chris Sharma, Evgeny Krivosheitsev, Maud Ansade, Isabelle Carrier, Violaine Beuque, Wills Young, Gérome Pouvreau, Florence Pinet, Tony Lamiche, Phillippe Ribiére, Said Belhaj, Mickael Fuselier, Markus Bock, Artime Farshadyeganeh, Dave Graham, Lynn Hill, Lisa Rands, Dani Andrada, Jorg Verhoven, Steve McClure, Jerome Meyer, Loic Gaidioz, Liv Sansoz, Dalia Ojeda, Jens Larsen, Nina Caprez, Jon Rockefeller, Sean McColl, Charlotte Dirif, Bernd Zangerl, Martina Cufar, Anna Stöhr, Cédric Lachat, Fabian Christof, Ballnt Kamvas, Peter Bosma, Daniel Winkler and more. Visit Petzl.com and PetzlTeam.com to learn more about RocTrip and to catch the next one near you.