A Cliffside Popup Shop in Eldorado Canyon

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Yes, this is a marketing stunt, but it's a pretty cool marketing stunt.

37.5 Technology opened a one-day-only cliffside shop on the Bastille Wall in Eldorado Canyon, giving away apparel made with their fabric to passing climbers. It was a good day to forget your jacket in the car. Though visible from the ground below, the pop-up could only be reached by climbing routes to the portaledge location. Shopkeeper Dave Bywater, an 11-year Tetons climbing ranger and 37.5 employee, manned the shop from sunrise to sunset to outfit customers which included Lynn Hill, Brady Robinson, Jesse Huey, and James Lucas, among others.

37.5 made donations to the Access Fund and America Alpine Club to support their mission to provide access to public lands for climbing, and $100 was donated to the Action Committee for Eldorado for every climber that visited the shop or signed up for a membership to either organization. In total, $15k was donated to the various organizations.

For more info, check out 37.5.