Alizée Dufraisse: La Reina Mora (5.14c/d)


Alizée Dufraisse: La Reina Mora 8c+/9a FFA from Prana Living on Vimeo.

One month ago, French climber Alizée Dufraisse made the first female ascent of La Reina Mora (5.14c/d) in Siurana, Spain, marking her first of the grade. Ramón Julian Puigblanque made the first ascent in 2008 and suggested 5.14b/c, but Nico Favresse and Dani Andrada's have repeated the route and suggested 5.14c and 5.14c/d respectively. Dufraisse is leaning toward 5.14d, but wants to wait on the opinion of future ascensionists.