BD athletes Sonnie Trotter and Alex Honnold in Mexico: Part 4


VIDEO #4: BD athletes Sonnie Trotter and Alex Honnold make one-day ascent of 28-pitch 5.13a in Mexico from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Video by Black Diamond Equipment - This is the fourth and final video in a four-part series about Sonnie Trotter and Alex Honnold making the first one-day ascent of Logical Progression, a 28-pitch 5.13a route on El Gigante in Mexico's Basaseachi National Park. Trotter wrote the following about this final video: "This last clip is hilarious. After 10 hours of driving back to the border, and three hours waiting to cross, the best (WORST) part of our trip came right at the end, when the front right wheel of Andrew Burr’s Toyota truck fell off on the Freeway going 70 miles per hour. It was either the rough Mexi roads, or some kids tried to steal his tires... Either way, we stuck the crash landing and got towed to a mechanic in Tucson, Arizona. Yay!" To read Sonnie’s essay about the climb, as well as see photos from Andrew Burr, click here. Watch Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of this video series.