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Between The Trees - Trailers

Between The Trees - Trailers

Between The Trees is a new bouldering film from Unclesomebody Productions documenting the British climber Tyler Landman at one of the most famous bouldering areas in the world — Fontainebleau, outside of Paris, France. In Spring 2009 Landman journeyed to Fontainebleau with no expectations, only goals. This film is the result of his journey in the magical forest as he surpasses all of his goals and reaches new levels in his climbing. The film takes the viewer on a tour through the hardest blocs in the forest and also off the beaten track behind and to dig up some incredible hidden gems. Check it out. Be inspired. Go climbing. Available now from as an HD download, a traditional DVD format, or the combination of both.

Teaser 1 from unclesomebody on Vimeo.

Teaser 2 from unclesomebody on Vimeo.

Teaser 3 from unclesomebody on Vimeo.