Boulder World Cup 2010 report #1 - Greifensee


Video by Udo Neumann - The Boulder World Cup 2010 will be a thrilling affair, at least for the boys! Current champion Kilian Fischhuber and wonder boy Adam Ondra tied at the finals in Switzerland's Greifensee with Kilian only winning because his better semi-final performance. After floating through most of the qualification and the first semi-final problems, Adam temporarily lost it (as you can see in the clip) and looked like, well, the 17-year-old boy that he actually is!

In the finals, though, he gave Kilian a tough run for the money. Kilian impressively dealt with the pressure of Adam flashing problem #3 and #4. It will be very interesting to observe this duel over the course of the season.

As for the girls, it was a close decision between current champion Akiyo Noguchi, Chloé Graftiaux, and the final winner, Alex Johnson from the States.

Shot with my "2010 toy guerrilla camera set," consisting of a Nikon D5000 and 2 Kodak Zx1.

Edited by Udo Neumann

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