Boulder World Cup 2010 Report #4 - Moscow


Video by Udo Neumann - At the fourth round of World Cups in Moscow this year, Austrian Anna Stohr eked out a win, and Czech Adam Ondra stormed the men's division, finally securing a gold. Austrian Kilian Fischhuber and Belgium's Chloe Graftiaux were second on the podium, with Korean Kim Jain and Japan's Hori Tsukuru following with bronze.

Women's Bouldering Results:

  1. Anna Stohr

  2. Chloe Graftiaux

  3. Kim Jain

  4. Akiyo Noguchi

  5. Yulia Abramchuk (Russia)

  6. Yana Chereshneva (Russia)

Men's Bouldering:

  1. Adam Ondra

  2. Hori Tsukuru

  3. Kilian Fischhuber

  4. Dmitry Sharafutdinov (Russia)

  5. Rustam Gelmanov (Russia)

  6. Mykhaylo Shalagin (Ukraine)

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