Boulder World Cup 2011 Report #2: Log-Dragomer, Slovenia


Video by Udo Neumann - Highlights from the 2011 Bouldering World Cup in Log-Dragomer, Slovenia. From Neumann: "Anna Stöhr and Glairon Mondet Guillaume were the undisputed winners of the second Boulder World Cup of 2011 that will be always remembered for its funky route setting, especially for the girls. The uncoated panels allowed for some truly remarkable problems that spanned from demanding, rather old-chool but highly refined climbing skills to the most new-school jumps. The problems only had one thing in common: they were all awkward! As chief route setter Percy Bishton put it: "A nightmare for the competitors, but hey, I'm not paid for being nice!" For the audience that was one of the best Boulder World Cups ever!"

See a full write-up here.