Brian Kim on Still Life (5.14b) and Excessive Tunnel Power (5.13c)


Still Life (5.14b) at Summersville Lake, West VirginaBrian Kim is shown here on the third ascent of Still Life (5.14b or 8c) at Summersville Lake, West Virginia on September 6th, 2009. The line consists of 13b climbing followed by to two distinct boulder problem cruxes that are roughly V7 and V5.

According to Kim, "This is one of the most aesthetic lines in the New River Gorge region. I first tried this line many years ago when I wasn't even climbing very hard. It's just a fantastic looking line so I tried it thinking I could do it one day. I usually made a trip there every summer and got on the line at least once every trip. Two years passed without a trip there, so when I went back recently [in Fall 2009] I was focused on Still Life since I felt stronger than on my earlier trips. I gave it a burn and did all the moves pretty easily. However, in the end, it took four days of redpoint tries to finish it."

Excessive Tunnel Power (5.13c) Mormon Hollow, MassachusettsBrian Kim is shown here redpointing a route at Mormon Hollow in Western Massachusetts on September 10th, 2009. The line, Excessive Tunnel Power (5.13c), has powerful roof climbing and is a link-up of two existing climbs out a massive 30 foot roof . This new start links up the cruxes of a 12d and 13a on good, textured rock and awesome shaped holds.

Brian Kim is one of Red Chili and Wild Country's strongest US sport climbers and is steadily amassing a very impressive ticklist.