Cerro Kishtwar: An Ice Cold Story (Full Film)

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In 1992, Andy Perkins and Brendan Murphy attempted to climb Cerro Kishtwar in the Indian Himalaya. After 17 days on the wall, they were forced to retreat just 100 meters below the summit. A year later, Mick Fowler and Steve Sustad completed the formation's first ascent. The Kashmir mountains were then barred to foreign alpinists until 2010, for military and political reasons.

Stephan Siegrist, Denis Burdet, and David Lama made the first  alpine-style expedition to climb Cerro Kishtwar in 2011. They reached the summit via the northwest side. Siegrist had spotted a new line on the face, however, and was determined to come back. He returned in 2017 with Thomas Huber and Julian Zanker. The team encountered significant difficulties, ranging from technical climbing of VII, A3+, 6b, M6, 80° to temperatures below -20° C. This is the story of their ascent.