Chris Sharma Works Local Project at Cova de l’Ocell

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As Chris Sharma finds himself with more responsibilities—raising two young kids and running a business—his climbing time is limited, but he still makes time to get to the cliffs twice a week. His local crag is Cova de l’Ocell, about 40 minutes outside of Barcelona. As Sharma says in the video, it has high quality climbing, but is unlikely to become a destination due to its limited size and difficult routes. And yet, because of the cliff’s proximity to Sharma, it has a number of impressive lines including his hardest FA to date: El Bon Combat (5.15b/c). In this video, Sharma shows off one of his current Cova de l’Ocell projects, just left of El Bon Combat. He estimates the line to be around 5.15a or 5.15b and describes the climbing as, “Super futuristic, super bouldery, slightly old school, yet super new school at the same time.” From what we can tell from the video, that means big moves on thin holds.

Note: This video was filmed before the current COVID-19 shutdown. Cova De L’Ocell is currently closed.

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