Committed: Price Glacier, Mt. Shuksan, WA


Jungle Shwacking to the Price Glacier from Mark Smiley on Vimeo.

Video by Mark and Janelle Smiley - "The climbers of the Pacific NW are a hearty bunch. Huge vertical relief, dense underbrush, long approaches, and crappy weather are the ingredients that toughen their skin to the Dirty Harry level.While doing our homework prior to attempting the Price Glacier route on Mt Shuksan we read, 'follow the trail that parallels the Price Creek leading to Price Lake.' In Colorado, when the guide books use the word trail, that naturally implies a four-foot-wide space, clear of all vegetation, well-signed at any conceivable intersection where one might be required to make a route-finding decision. If there is ever a section of trail where the rise-over-run ratio is out of code with OSHA standards, college "interns" are quickly recruited to make rock steps that bring it back into compliance.Not the case in the North Cascades... read more at