Committed: The Most Amazing Route in the World


The Most Amazing Route in the World from Mark Smiley on Vimeo.

Upon reaching the parking lot, your attention is grabbed immediately by the sight of chicken wire fences around every automobile. The tops of these makeshift fences are held against the cars with three-foot-tall wooden posts, and the bottom is kept against the ground with a softball-sized rock every foot. All 35 of the vehicles in the lot were equipped with this accessory, and it looked truly bizarre. Psychology students could write their thesis on what goes through peoples’ minds when they see this scene. Even if you have no clue what purpose chicken wire serves, there is probably a 99 percent chance that you, too, will dig through the big bin of bundled wire, provided by the Provincial Park Service free of charge, and take the hour needed to make your vehicle look like everyone else’s. I don’t know if the term used would be “group think” or “the power of suggestion." Regardless, everyone follows suit and fortifies their vehicle to mimic the rest...