Dark Horse 2013 Championship Highlights


The Dark Horse Bouldering Series was in its fourth year in 2013, with four comps spanning October to January. The championship event was held on January 19; Daniel Woods and Isabelle Faus took first place, followed by Nick Picarella and Angie Payne in second, and Paul Robinson and Meagan Martin in third. Full results below.

  1. Isabelle Faus and Daniel Woods

  2. Angie Payne and Nick Picarella

  3. Meagan Martin and Paul Robinson

  4. Chelsea Rude and Carlo Traversi

  5. Annalisa Flynn and Jimmy Webb

  6. Katie Lamb and Vasya Vorotnikov

  7. Kasia Pietras and Michael O'Rourke

  8. Galina Parfenov and Josh Levin

  9. Zoe Liebovitch and Sebastien Lazure