Dave Graham on The Island (V15) from The Players


Dave Graham - The Island V15 from BS Productions on Vimeo.

On April 7, 2008 Dave Graham completed a longstanding project at Fontainebleau, France, and graded it 8C (V15).The Island climbs directly out a sandstone roof/prow in the Coquibus Rumont area, between the existing problems Sérénité (V8) and Conviction (V11). Graham sent the problem after three days of work, and he described it at 8a.nu as having “huge moves in between slopers, and always at my full extension, so very intense climbing.” Shown in this video is Graham on the first ascent of his Font test piece The Island, an excerpt from our feature length film "The Players". Be sure to pick up a copy of the DVD to witness more Dave Graham action, plus Chris Sharma, Alex Puccio, Daniel Woods, and more! Now available on DVD at BSProductions.us

“A player in the rock-climbing world is someone who’s there every single day,” says Dave Graham early in Brian Solano’s new DVD, The Players ($19.99, theplayersmovie.com). “And they’re obsessed with climbing on an infi nite level.” To be atop the rock game, like the film’s cast — Dave Graham, Emily Harrington, Joe Kinder, Chris Lindner, Ethan Pringle, Alex Puccio, Lisa Rands, Chris Sharma, and Daniel Woods — you must put climbing before all other masters. Moving from locales as diverse as Moe’s Valley, Utah, to Yangshuo, China, to the Red, to Rifle, to Rocklands, Solano fills his hour-plus film with tight, solid, high-end (5.14+/V10+) eye candy. For me, the highlight came with Lindner and Joe Brooks deep-water soloing in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Lindner is so psyched that he dons custom gloves to graboozing, typhoon-slimed stalactites, showing just how far obsession can carry us.