Dave MacLeod: How to Hangboard

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A 25-minute video about hangboarding? What, you don't have free time right now?

Dave Macleod provides a detailed look at the fundamentals of hangboarding: which exercises to use, how to warm up, adjusting intensity, avoiding injury, scheduling your hangboard sessions, and choosing a hangboard. "Everything you need to know to go from never hung a hangboard to 9a beast," as he says.

We like MacLeod's approach because it's simple, and he bases his opinions on the most-current research—not to mention that his climbing resume speaks for itself.

It's not easy being stuck inside right now, but as MacLeod said in a more-recent vlog episode, "When bad, unavoidable things happen, you should do your best to make the best of them and turn them to your advantage in order to come out ahead."