Ethan Pringle's FA of The Eye of Odin (5.14c)


The Eye of Odin (8c+) first ascent from Ethan Pringle on Vimeo.

Ethan Pringle made the first ascent of The Eye of Odin (5.14c) in a cave in Flatlanger, Norway. He, Magnus Midtboe, and Dani Andrada worked the route together before Pringle nabbed the first ascent. "I kept telling the crowd that I was ‘so f*@ked,’ but I kept making it to the next rest, against my own predictions," he said. "I was soon at the last rest before the last boulder problem and somehow had recovered enough to hope that I might actually get through it, which I ended up doing, and the next thing I knew I was clipping the chains!" Read more here.