Fred Nicole Bouldering in Switzerland


VIDEO PROFILE: BD athlete Fred Nicole bouldering in Switzerland from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Black Diamond athlete Fred Nicole is a true master boulderer, having been at the forefront of the sport for more than two decades. Soft-spoken and thoughtful, he has developed benchmark problems from Hueco Tanks to Rocklands to Fontainebleau to his home forests of Switzerland, all with his trademark silent, graceful power. An icon to boulderers around the world, Nicole was a perfect fit to be filmed by Bernardo Gimenez for our Video Profile series. Nicole took Gimenez on a tour of some of his off-the-radar spots in Switzerland and sagely spoke about his philosophies in climbing and in life. A personal and unique profile, this video is truly a special window into the world of one of climbing's great ambassadors.