Full Film: Stefano Ghisolfi's Journey to Send Change (5.15c)

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On September 29, 2020, Stefano Ghisolfi completed the second ascent of Change (5.15c) in Flatanger, Norway. Adam Ondra made headlines when he completed the route's first ascent in 2012 and graded it 5.15c, a world first. The film above, by Ghisolfi and Sara Grippo, tells the story of the process behind sending one of the hardest route in the world. For a more in-depth look behind the scenes, check out the accompanying five-part series, The Way to Change, below.

Part 1: The Journey

Ghisolfi explains why he chose to go to Flatanger, and why he chose to try Change.

Part 2: Muy Verdes (8c, 5.14b)

The first day in the cave, Ghisolfi tries Muy Verdes, a "short" 8c [5.14b], to get used to the rock, the style, and the cave itself.

Part 3: First Crux

A deep dive into the first crux of Change, the hardest of the route.

Part 4: Second Crux

A full description of the second crux of Change.

Part 5: Last Section

The final section of Change is the easiest part, but not to be undervalued.