Full Film: The Pathan Project—A Big Wall First Ascent in Pakistan

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Note: Turn on subtitles.

An unexplored range in a remote valley of Pakistan, an unclimbed big wall, and a solid team of Belgian, French, and Argentinian climbers ready to combine exploration, music, and humor. Nicolas Favresse, Jean-Louis Wertz, Mathieu Maynadier, and Carlitos Molina embark on a new adventure full of surprises, french fries, and unexpected twists. The original soundtrack was composed specifically for the movie by musician-climber Nico Favresse, as well as Vladimir Cellier from Baraka Films.

Filmmaker Guillaume Broust has temporarily released the full film for free. He wrote:

“To help you pass the time during the current stay-at-home period, The Pathan Project team has decided to make their movie available for free during the lockdown. As of now, the movie is available online through April 15, 2020. If you would like to provide support to the Belgian team of climbers (Sean Villanueva, the Favresse brothers, Jean-Louis Wertz…) for their upcoming adventures, you can also watch several of their other movies through VOD, via the ReelHouse website. We hope that you are all doing well and that the end of the tunnel is near. Take care!”