Highest BASE Jump in the World... Off Everest!


Earlier this month, Valery Rozoz, a Russian BASE jumper and skydiver, sprang from Mt. Everest's north face at 25,330 feet (7720m). Rozoz, 48, has more than 9,000 jumps under his belt, and he spent four days ascending Mt. Everest with a small weather window for jumping. On May 5, he leaped from about 650 feet (200m) above the North Col and reached a maximum speed of ca. 125 mph before he opened his parachute and descended on the Rongbuk glacier (19,520 feet, 5950m) about a minute after he jumped.

In 1988, Jean-Marc Boivin (French alpinist, skier, and paraglider) was the first person to paraglide off Mt. Everest, just 60 feet from the summit.