Jimmy Webb in Eurofail 2018

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"We spent, what, like 15 days in Font this year? And we pretty much climbed 2 or 3 of those days—and at least one of those days was almost not climbable."

Jimmy Webb gambled on a winter trip to Fontainebleau, France, and it did not work out. After dealing with constant wet conditions due to rain and snow for two weeks, he fled to Switzerland where the weather allowed for more hard first ascents and a tick of Fred Nicole's Dreamtime, the world's first 8c/V15.


  • 2:19—Saruman du bas (8b/V13)
  • 3:41—pH13 (8b/V13) FA
  • 6:49—Fiume (8a/V11) FA
  • 8:08—Dreamtime (8C/V15)
  • 10:23—Straight Flush (8b/V13) FA
  • 11:08—Carciofo (8a/V11) FA
  • 11:58—Somnolence (8b/V13) FA