Michele Caminati Climbs Ultimo dei Moicani (V14)


Ultimo dei Moicani from Michele Caminati on Vimeo.

Video by Michele Caminati - Michele Caminati recently completed a project at Amiata in Tuscany, Italy, calling it Ultimo dei Moicani ("Last of the Mohicans") and grading it V14. Planetmountain.com has a nice detailed report in English by Caminati about his experience with this boulder. An excerpt: "Giving the problem a grade is no mean task, especially since the only really difficult move is that long dyno from the pocket to the crimp, where the key to success is pushing off the footholds properly. Since I'm not tall enough to static the move by using the good footholds lower down I was forced to dyno using the higher footholds, but this contorted me into a somewhat unnatural position... Having said that, I think the problem is the hardest thing I've climbed to date and it certainly represented my most intense psychological challenge, seeing that I only had a very limited number of tries each time before my skin got trashed." —Michele Caminati, planetmountain.com