Oriane Bertone Sends Golden Shadow (8b+/V14) at Age 12

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Note: Turn on closed captions for English subtitles.

Watch French climber Oriane Bertone climb Golden Shadow (8b+/V14) in Rocklands, South Africa, at age 12, becoming the youngest person to climb the grade.

Ashima Shiraishi and Mirko Caballero held the previous V14 age record at 13. Shiraishi also climbed Golden Shadow, becoming the second woman to climb the grade in the process. Caballero climbed Meadowlark Lemon Sit in Red Rock.

Bertone, who is from Reunion Island, a French island off the coast of Madagascar, previously climbed V13 at age 11 with an ascent of Fragile Steps in South Africa. Watch the video.