Realm of the Flying Monkeys


The Realm of the Flying Monkeys shows a glimpse of the lifestyles of a few climbers in Yosemite Valley and features: Ammon McNeely, Ivo Ninov and Kevin Jaramillo on the first one day ascent of Zenyatta Mondatta. Slacklining over the Merced River and walking the Lost Arrow Spire highline. Ammon’s seventh and graduation skydive with jumpmaster, Perry. Ivo, Sean “Stanley” Leary and Ammon’s first BASE jump along with Chris McNamara and BASE jumpmaster Miles Daisher. The Alcove Drop, a 250 foot death defying, but controlled, whipper, ending only thirty feet from hitting the slab below in The Alcove on El Cap. The Porch Swing, a very exposed one hundred foot pendulum three thousand feet above the Valley floor, also pioneered by Ammon. Music: Soul meets Body, by Death Cab for Cutie