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Redemption at Indian Creek


Redemption at Indian Creek from Wes Walker on Vimeo.

"After nearly ending it at Indian Creek in 2009, which ended with an expensive helicopter ride back to Grand Junction, I was interested to see if I would enjoy returning or not. I took a 50-foot fall onto the head (no helmet)—cracked the skull, vomited, seizured, then passed out. Woke up from a coma three days later, feeling fine. It was an eerie feeling to walk up to the base of the route again, especially since some of the blood was still visible two years later. None of the guys who were involved in the rescue wanted to go up there, so my buddy Adam accompanied me. After two seasons of working at City of Rocks State Park in Idaho, he is becoming a crack fiend. I couldn't let him move to Chattanooga without an inaugural trip to the best crack climbing location in the country. Re-united with the awesome community of climbers from St.George, Utah, and got to thank them all for saving me. And Katrin, who sat through the night at the hospital. Stoked on cracks again! Few feelings are comparable to finding your flow on a perfect splitter crack."