Rumble in the Jungle: Parts 1 & 2


Rumble in the Jungle: Part One, The Unclimbed Horn from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

Video by Cedar Wright - "After a whirlwind three-day travel sequence, Lucho and I found ourselves on Tioman Island, Malaysia, staring up at the mythical 'Dragon's Horns.' It was hard to believe that only one of the huge jungle spires had been climbed... until we started the approach... and then it made more sense. But after some epic jungle bushwhacking which culminated with me being attacked by giant hummingbird-sized wasps, we managed to summit the unclimbed Dragon's Horn on our first full day on the island. We topped out at night and endured a shiver bivy until about 2 a.m. when an an impending lightning storm encouraged us to rappel at night. I hope this short film captures some of the magic of our experience.

"We are raising money in the name of our climb for Big City Mountaineers, an awesome program that gets under resourced teens into the wilderness. Programs like these are close to mine and Lucho's hearts and we'd really appreciate even a couple dollars donated in our names.... find out more by going to" —Cedar Wright

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE: Part Two, The Dream Route from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.