Ryuichi Murai Sends Magic Wood's Hardest Boulders

When Ryuichi Murai headed to Switzerland’s Magic Wood he was clearly on a mission. Despite rain, the Japanese climber check off an insane list of hard boulders in the storied forest, including two V15s and three V14s. Tick list:

  • In Search of Time Lost (8C/V15)
  • Practice of the Wild (8C/V15)
  • Remembrance of Things Past (8B+/V14)
  • Never Ending Story (8B+/V14)
  • Ill Thrill (8B+/V14)
  • Riverbed (8B/V13)
  • One Summer in Paradise (8B/V13)
  • Steppenwolf (8B/V13)
  • High Spirit (8A+/V12)
  • The Bizarre Ride (8A+/V12)
  • Massive Attack (8A+/V12)
  • Sofasurfer (8A/A+/V11/12)
  • Nothing Changes (8A/V11)
  • Voigas (8A/V11)
  • Muttertag (8A/V11)
  • Foxy Dyno (8A/V11)
  • Piranha (7C+/V10)
  • Hohenzone (7C/V9)