Sonnie Trotter on Lake of Fire (5.13c R) in Squamish


BD athlete Sonnie Trotter on Lake of Fire (5.13c R), Squamish, Canada from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

Sonnie Trotter loves his homeland of Canada—just about as much as he loves hanging it out on dicey, runout trad lines. Check out this video of Sonnie going for it on Lake of Fire (5.13c R) at Squamish, with some classic commentary by fellow BD athlete Alex Honnold. "Sonnie's send was for sure one of the proudest things I've seen in real life," Honnold says. "He just walked up to the crag, hadn't climbed on anything hard in, like, three weeks or something, hadn't tried the route in over a month, got all the gear beta from me, and then just fired it first go—no warm-up, no anything. Just showed up and did it. It was amazing."