Steph Davis Tower Project Teaser


Steph Davis Tower Project from Keith Ladzinski on Vimeo.

In November of 2010, Steph Davis called me to tell me about a project she was getting ready to start in the desert. Her plan was to climb four desert towers and BASE jump off. Each tower had a unique twist to it, but the true intention of the project was to simply take advantage of local adventure on the unique terrain in her home town: Moab, Utah. I immediately jumped on the opportunity; to photograph and film her climbing classic desert towers, making first free ascents, doing jumps no women has ever done, and, more important, being a part of this unique project. I had the great opportunity to work with a great team of people, all that need mentioning here: Steph Davis, Mario Richards, Andy Mann, Jorge Visser, and Chris Hunter. Here is the teaser from the project, more coming soon. I hope you enjoy it.