Stoney Point: Portrait of an American Crag—Boldness Redefined (Part 4)

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For many years bouldering was largely viewed as mere practice for real climbing, but throughout the '90s this attitude began to change. As bouldering became recognized as its own sport, Stoney Point became more popular than ever.

During this time a new crew of young, strong, and extremely motivated boulderers were scavenging Stoney Point for the area's last great projects. Between the group of Jeff Johnson, Paul Anderson, Dimitrius Fritz, and Aaron Sandlow there wasn’t much that could stop them.

Over the years, Stoney Point has seen many big-name climbers come and go but perhaps none with a bigger personality than the late Michael Reardon. Notorious for onsight free-solos like the 10-pitch Needless testpiece Romantic Warrior, rated 5.12b, Reardon was a master in the deadly game of ropeless climbing.

He was also a Stoney local and an active member of the community. With a larger than life personality that exuded positive vibes, Reardon was one of the most encouraging climbers at the Point. In 2007, while on a climbing trip to Ireland, Michael Reardon was tragically swept out to sea by a rogue wave and never seen again. His loss was mourned throughout the whole climbing world, but perhaps nowhere more than at his home crag Stoney Point.

A film by Cole Gibson and Matthew Talesfore.
Instagram: @giant__rock