Stoney Point: Portrait of an American Crag—The Future Of The Point (Part 5)

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Today, the scene out at the Point isn’t much different than it was 50 years ago when Robbins and Chouinard ruled the place. On weekends, cars line Topanga Canyon boulevard as noobs and veterans alike take part in the same addiction: rock climbing.

While the majority of Stoney Points worthy climbs have already been established, occasionally a new top rope or boulder problem is claimed, but due to Stoney’s long history of capable climbers it’s almost impossible to know for sure if what you’ve done is a first.

Local young gun, Daniel Vakili, is constantly on the look out for new lines. Recently he established what he thought might be Stoney’s newest boulder problem.

Every Tuesday and Thursday a core group of locals get together after work to drink beer, talk shit, and sometimes even climb. This tradition dates back longer than anyone can remember and new members are always welcome. 

A film by Cole Gibson and Matthew Talesfore.
Instagram: @giant__rock

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