Stoney Point: Portrait of an American Crag Trailer


Stoney Point - tilt shift trailer from cole gibson on Vimeo.

Video by Cole Gibson - Stoney Point: Portrait of an American Crag is a passion project that my good friend Matthew Talesfore and I have been working on in our spare time for the last two years. The goal of this documentary (which is coming soon) is to educate people on the history of Stoney Point through old photos and interviews while showcasing the best climbs the park has to offer. This video is a little tilt shift montage that I hope gives people an idea of what Stoney Points looks like and gets them interested in our short film. For this video, 90 percent of the shots were were taken with my trusty Sony HC9, the other 10 percent with an XLH1—I'm sure you can tell which. I've recently upgraded from my Sony to a T2i but I've got to say that I really love that camera. Though I'm sure it's pretty obvious, I didn't have a tilt shift lens and achieved the effect in Final Cut. Music by Green Machine For more info on our documentary, please visit