The Beta: Controller and They Call Me Nobody, Hound Ears, NC


The Beta - Controller from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo.

The Beta is a series of bouldering interviews/how-tos, each from an area featured in the Triple Crown Bouldering Series in the Southeastern US - the largest outdoor bouldering competition in the world! In this episode: Paul Fuelling of Boone, North Carolina sprays you down on Controller and They Call Me Nobody, two classic problems at Hound Ears, near Boone — the first leg of the 3Crown Series.The 2009 Triple Crown Bouldering SeriesThe biggest and most bodacious outdoor boulder series is back again - for the 7th time - beginning with Hound Ears in Boone, NC on October 3rd, followed by Horse Pens-40 in Steele, AL on November 7th, and concluding at the Stone Fort in Chattanooga, TN on December 5th. The Triple Crown is dedicated to maintaining climbing access by supporting the Southeastern Climbers' Coalition and The Carolina Climbers' Coalition. - Brought to you by Marmot!