The Goofy, Fun Instagram Videos of Beau Martino

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What do you do when you’re stuck inside all day? That’s a question climbers wrestled with during the worst periods of the pandemic, when stay-at-home orders barred travel, gyms closed, and climbing outdoors was frowned upon. This drove many to bake bread, build elaborate home walls, and do puzzles. Beau Martino quit a job in tech sales last summer to climb and snowboard full time while living out of his Subaru Forester. The pandemic derailed his plans.

“My video career started this winter during quarantine,” he says. “I was living in Truckee and had a lot of time in my hands since all the resorts closed.”

Martino’s videos err on the side of short and funny. He’s constructed an elaborate outdoor-gear Rube Goldberg machine, he’s made a rock climber character creator, and he’s lip synced to Savage Garden in honor of Yosemite re-opening, as seen in the video above. Part of the appeal of Martino’s videos is that it’s clear that he’s having fun making them.

“The first video I posted took off and then the second too, and I was on a roll having fun with it so I kept thinking up new ideas,” he says.

Martino was hooked on climbing after his first trip to Tuolumne in 2015. These days he pursues trad and alpine routes. “I love a good sufferfest through the mountains,” he says. It shows through in his videos. He’s often sports a racked-up harness, helmet, and TC Pros, if not an alpine pack, coiled rope, shell, and ice axe. There seems to be a recurring theme of a stir-crazy alpinist, desperate for the mountains while stuck at home.

“I’d come up with a general idea, but wouldn’t work out the specifics until I was actually filming, which wasn’t the most efficient and led to a lot of outtakes,” Martino says.

While the videos started as a way to pass time, he now thinks they might lead to a new career path.

“I’ve never edited videos before so learning that new skill was really rewarding,” says Martino. “I’m taking a class on it now and would like to keep pursuing it to take on projects and potentially pursue a career in it once I’m ready to get a full time job again.”

Enjoy more of Beau Martino’s videos below, and follow him on Instagram at @cbeaumartino.