An excerpt from the recent film PROGRESSION that features Kevin Jorgeson on the second ascent of one of England's hardest traditional routes, The Groove (E11) at Cratcliffe. James Pearson finally climbed the bold and technical route, which was considered before his ascent on Saturday, February 2, 2008, to be “last great problems” of English gritstone. Pearson had occasionally attempted the route over a four year period; other top British climbers had been eyed and sometimes tried the line since the 1970s. Later that year [2008] in October and November, Americans Alex Honnold, Matt Segal and Kevin Jorgeson astonished British climbers with rapid repeats of some of the testiest routes on “God’s own rock,” the English gritstone. Honnold, a noted free-soloist, and Jorgeson, a noted highball boulderer, applied bold tactics to numerous run-out gritstone routes and sparked a fresh debate on British grading. The repeats include:

  • The New Statesman (E8 7a, Jorgeson)

  • The Parthian Shot (E9 6c, Jorgeson, first ground-up E9 ascent)

  • The Promise (E10 7a, Jorgeson and Honnold, second and third ascents)

  • Gaia (E8 6c, Honnold flash, Jorgeson and Matt Segal headpoints)

  • Meshuga (E9 6c, solos by Honnold and Jorgeson)

  • The Groove (E10 7b, Jorgeson, second ascent, with variation)

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