The Nate Draughn Redemption Story

Publish date:

The Nate Draughn Redemption Story chronicles one climber's journey through life's highs and lows. From an early start in climbing to losing control of everything at the hands of drugs, one thing has remained true the whole way through: a love for the sport. In a return to his old stomping grounds of Boone, North Carolina, Nate Draughn recounts his journey through the last two decades of climbing, drugs, and redemption.

This film was crafted by Ian Dzilenski and Nate Draughn. To learn more about the filmmakers find Ian and Nate on social media at @dizzyfilms_ and @ndragon__.

Climbs, in order of appearance:

  • 2:20—Movement on Stone (V10), Blowing Rock
  • 3:20—The Sasquatch (V10), 221
  • 5:04—Raining Choss (V10), 221
  • 7:00—What's the Scoop? (V12), Blowing Rock
  • 10:09—Cradle to the Grave (V11), 221
  • 13:30—Woodruff's Testpiece (V4), The Barn
  • 15:30—Just for Kicks (V10), 221
  • 19:40—Spreader (V12), The Barn