The Realm: Nalle Hukkataival Bouldering in Rocklands

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"If you religiously watch climbing videos and try to divine what you can from them about the lives of pro climbers, you could be forgiven for believing that the pros are simply living a dream life of sorts; drinking beers and sending boulder problems whenever and wherever they please," writes Kevin Takahashi Smith in an interesting, behind-the-scenes blog post about his trip to Rocklands, South Africa, with Nalle Hukkataival. "What would happen during the day, however, was anything but laid-back and hedonistic. Every single time I tagged along with Nalle as he developed The Realm—a new bouldering area in the Bideouw Valley near Rocklands—I would watch with horror as one of the best climbers in the world spent countless hours scraping up his hands while clearing brush, building landings, stacking cairns, cleaning new lines, and occasionally climbing."

Watch as Nalle Hukkataival climbs Rocklands first ascents from V5 to V13/14 in his free moments between building landings and cleaning problems.