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The Rocklands Files


The Rocklands Files from Ben Grubb on Vimeo.

"In September 2011, me, my girlfriend Snooky, and our friends Matt & Jen flew the 6,000 miles (more or less) due south to visit the bouldering paradise of Rocklands in South Africa. Our trip was pretty short (in climbing trip terms), but in the two weeks we were there, we crammed a hell of a lot in! This video is a hugely condensed down account of what we did and saw, along with a choice selection of some of the incredible boulder problems we tried while there. Some of the classic problems featured include The Roof is on Fire (V5), Up The Spout (V3), Mary's Roof (V4), Esoterrorist (V6), Minki (V8) and Dirty Lies (V7), plus a fair few others which we enjoyed."