The Season TV - Trailer


From the creators of the Dirtbag Diaries and 49 Megawatts comes a new web television project following the five athletes through the course of a single season in Pacific Northwest. A veteran climber invents a new piece of gear. A pro snowboarder searches for a way to return to the roots of his sport. A boulderer returns from a series of injuries with new perspective. A family man goes to Whistler to test himself against the mountain biking’s elite. A young sea kayaker with a troubled past sets out to reinvent his sport.

The Season Trailer small from Fitz Cahall on Vimeo.

The Season TV - Trailer

Thursday, 31 December 2009 - For the last year and change, when I haven't been finding stories for the Diaries I've been working on a new project — one that I've kept pretty quiet about. Yesterday, The Season kicked off. It's a 22-episode web television series shot in HD. It begins in earnest the last week of January. The idea, or maybe the question, behind the series is this: Could we take compelling stories from our community, combine it with tightly crafted footage and create small installments that reveal a bigger story? I teamed up with Bryan Smith, who you may remember from the New Conservationists, and we set off with this goal in mind. We followed five athletes — men and women a lot like you — through the course of a single season in the Northwest. These athletes aren't setting out on their seasons goals because there is monetary reward or they expect to get famous. They chased these goals because they are deeply passionate about their pursuits. I'm thrilled to introduce them to you.The Season won't replace the Diaries; we've got great season of episodes planned for you. The Season is merely a sister to what you have helped me create here. In April, the Season will run its course. The Diaries will continue. In the meantime, I hope you like what you see and that you continue to support independent media by subscribing, telling your friends about The Season (if you like it) and spreading the words. You are and have been my greatest allies in trying to bring stories back to outdoor media. I hope you enjoy.

—Fitz Cahall