The Swiss Account


The Swiss Account ~ Feature Length from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

LT11 is making climbing history with the longest feature length, HD bouldering movie created entirely for free. The movie is FREE, the HD download is FREE, the whole experience is FREE. "The Swiss Account" is the first climbing video ever made to "go viral" of its kind and we intend to keep it that way. Free whether you like it or not...

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Louder Than 11 in association with Traversi Entertainment present "The Swiss Account." A documentary film about the lives of three American friends bouldering in Switzerland during the fall of 2010. Follow Jon Glassberg, Connor Griffith, and Carlo Traversi as they climb on some of the world's finest granite boulder problems in Brione, Cresciano, Chironico, and Magic Wood. Special guests Paul Robinson, Alex Puccio, Dai Koyamada, and Adam Ondra join forces with the American team to climb more than 40 boulders in the mountains of southern Switzerland.

Special thanks to Revolution Climbing, La Sportiva, Five Ten and Verve Clothing for Sponsoring the trip and supporting the athletes.

Boulder problems by area:


  • Balu der Bar (7C)

  • Dreamtime Stand (8A+)

  • La Grotte Des Soupirs (7C+)

  • XP (7C)

  • Jungle Book Stand (7C+)

  • Harry Spotter (7A)

  • Never Ending Story Slab (6B)

  • The Dagger (8B+)


  • Molunk (7C)

  • Fake Pamplemousse (8A)

  • Amber (8B)

  • Atlantis (7C)

  • Vecchio Leone (8B)

  • Cellar Door (8A)

  • Bach Blok (7B+)

  • General Disarray (8B)

  • Unknown (8A)


  • Boogalagga (8B)

  • Big Paw (8B+)

  • Le Vent Nous Portera (7C+)

  • No Mystery (8A)

  • Freak Brothers (7C+)

  • Serre Moi Fort (8A)

  • Schule Des Lebens (8A+)

Magic Wood:

  • Blown Away (7B+)

  • Ill Trill (8C)

  • Voigas (8A+)

  • Practice of the Wild (8C)

  • Left Hand of Darkness (8A+)

  • Sofa Surfer (8A)

  • Jack's Broken Heart (8a+)

  • River Slab (7B)

  • Riverbed (8B)

  • The Never Ending Story (8B+)

  • Free for All (8A)

  • Electroboogie (8A+)

  • Super Nova (7C)

  • Down Under (7C+)

  • Muttertag (8A)

  • Dinos Don't Dino (7B+)

  • Octopussy (8A)

  • Steppenwolf (8B)

  • High Spirit (8A+)