The Wide Boyz Aren’t Impressed With the World Cup Climbers’ Crack Technique

The Wide Boyz write: Cracks in competitions, they’re coming, and they’re coming thick and fast. Another absolute cracker at Meiringen this year with a flared crack for the men in the semi finals and a crack in the women’s final. It really is a taste of whats to come. We haven’t even scratched the surface of how far cracks can go in comps. Take modern-style boulder problems, add numerous different widths in there, and you’ve got a small taste of what the future might hold. If you’re a young up-and-coming comp athlete reading this, get your crack game up early to get ahead of the crowd!

Looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing Jakob, Janja, Alex, Tomoa and Adam all hanging from a wide pony in a roof and get stuck in with some arm bars. good luck to you all in the IFSC, i’m glad we get to manufacture the cracks, climb them outside, and sit from the comfort of our home and watch you on the indoor comp ones!